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In 1980, Chris Greicius was a 7-year-old boy being treated for leukemia.  Whenever he saw a police officer, he saw everything he wanted to be.  When law enforcement officers heard about Chris’ wish to be a police officer, they responded to the call.  A police helicopter flew him to headquarters for a full day of police experiences including a tour, a ride in a patrol car and being sworn in as the first-ever honorary state patrolman in Arizona history.  The officers didn’t stop there, completing Chris’ unforgettable wish by presenting him with his own custom-tailored uniform, motorcycle helmet, campaign hat and the motorcycle wings he earned on his own battery-powered bike.

Chris inspired an organization that gives children – more than 197,000 in our first 30 years – a chance to live their dreams like he did.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation® now grants a wish every 41 minutes, and our goal is to make sure each of these wish kids experiences the happiness that brightened Chris’ life.  Though we’re the world’s largest wish-granting organization, we always remember how our work impacts every single wish kid.

Today, wish kids have enriched their lives through exceptional, creative and even generous wishes.  Many choose to meet their favorite celebrity or travel to a favorite destination.  Others have created their own action figures or recorded albums.  Some even used their wishes to help other children.


Board of Directors
  • Executive Committee:
    • Joyce Crisostomo - Chairman
    • David Kendell - Vice-Chair
    • Albert Wu - Treasurer
    • Jina Rojas - Secretary
  • Members:
    • Lucy Alcorn
    • Desirae Herrera
    • George Johnson
    • Lin Manalo
    • Mike Naholowaa
    • Eric Votaw

Foundation Staff
Victor P. Camacho - Executive Director
Kaleena Aguon - Wish Coordinator/Executive Assistance

Guam Wish Granting Volunteers
Gina Fejeran
Mary Fejeran
Jessica Leon Guerrero
Melanie Mendiola
Louise Muna
Vanessa Salas
Lou San Nicolas
Jadeen Tuncap
Faye Varias

Saipan/Tinian Wish Granting Volunteers
Josephine Mesta
Rosalyn Quintanilla
Angela Santos

Honorary Board of Directors    
Frank F. Blas - Founding President
Sylvia Flores - Founding Director
Phil Flores
Tamotsu Iizuka
Linda Leon Guerrero

Lou Klitzkie
Mary T. Sanchez
Henry Simpson Jr.
Emelio Uy


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