July 30, 2014

Auctions for Aid

Guam is a beautiful tropical island further west in the Pacific Ocean, attracting a whopping 1.3-million annual visitors, filled with exotic beaches and breathtaking ocean views, especially in the sunset. Some even say it is the perfect alternative to Hawaii. Despite its bird-less trees (due to an invasive snake species) and war involvements in the past, this is a tiny Micronesian gem in the face of the world’s largest ocean. Guam has been torn by war especially during World War II, but after its liberation by the United States, it stands as a famous attraction for swimmers, divers, surfers, and adventurers.

However, the other face of Guam is that it is a poor country due to its socio-economic. It has a fifth of its population living on or below the poverty line. In fact, 7% of its households are the poorest among the poorest, relying on government welfare and social services programs to sustain their needs.

Many international aid organisations are trying to provide assistance to unfortunate people in Guam, especially children. Many plan to facilitate fundraisers in the form of bazaars and concerts for the purpose of generating money for forming livelihood training and assistance in the impoverished areas. These organisations often opt for putting up auctions in more fortunate countries for items like 1000 thread count sheets, bedroom sets, paintings and crafts, and other household items. You can help too. Please contact your local international aid organisation to offer your financial support.

White Sheet Set

Image Source: http://www.1000threadcount-sheets.com.au

Reference: http://www.visitguam.com/

March 28, 2011

Wish Child Meets Robbie Lawler

In July 2010, 15-year-old Guam resident Jacob had the experience of a lifetime.  When interviewed by the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Guam, Jacob immediately said he wanted to watch and meet Robbie Lawler at a UFC match.  So, the Foundation began coordinating its 166th wish and Jacob began his 7-month wait.  Jacob soon found out that not only would he get to meet Robbie Lawler, but he would also join a number of other wish children as special guests at the UFC training center in Orlando, Florida.

This year’s UFC Wish Weekend marked the largest wish-granting event ever for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, who hosted 50 wish families from all over the world, including Jacob and his family, for a fun-filled weekend full of surprises.  Not only did Jacob get to meet Robbie Lawler, his MMA fighting idol, but he and the other wish children were inducted into the MMA Make-A-Wish “Circle of Champions” where they were presented with plaques handed out by music and movie star Raven-Symoné and hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg.

Robbie Lawler

The weekend also included other activities for the wish families including a pizza party provided by the David Maus Foundation and hosted by UFC superstars Robbie Lawler, Baz Rutten and George St Pierre (of GSP Rushfit) at the Universal Orlando Resort where the wish children arrived in high style and made a red-carpet grand entrance surrounded by media.  The wish families also had the opportunity to spend the day at Universal Studios.

June 23, 2010

Dwayne Taisague Wish Come True


I always love the feeling of completing a wish. We just concluded our wish day for Dwayne on his shopping spree. Today I learned ten year old boys shop like I do:

  1. I Like it
  2. I have money for it
  3. I’ll take it
  4. Let’s go

We started off with breakfast at King’s (Dwayne’s call) where the Taisague boys displayed their manly eating skills. We then headed to Cost-U-Less for a TV for Dwayne, and this was followed by a trip to GameStop. GameStop broke the bank, but Dwayne was able to get two separate systems (X-Box and Wii), accessories and about 15-20 games. We concluded with a trip to Macy’s where store manager Ryan Torres greeted us with his familiar smile and hospitality.

At the family residence, as we bid the family farewell, we were reminded of the work we all have a part in doing. This is a family that has been through so much emotionally. When their child experienced the wish, it was more than games or toys or clothes, it was about Dwayne forgetting he was sick. It was also about the family celebrating with Dwayne on his special day. We have a very special organization that is bigger than all of us combined. Let’s continue to do our best to ensure wishes like this continue to come true.